Seasonal Flavors Schedule – Batch 22 Bakery

seasonal flavors schedule

When we first opened this humble home bakery, our menu looked much different. We just had 1 pudge (oatmeal raisin), and a bunch of regular sized cookies - chocolate chip, peanut butter, birthday cookie, ginger molasses, matcha shortbread. In a couple months, the menu quickly pivoted. We honed in on our niche - the pudges.

We released choco pudge and matcha pudge, and added hojicha shortbread - all of which are permanent menu items. We don't often highlight anything besides Pudges, but our shortbreads are also really popular with our customers - the tea flavors are light, and shortbread makes for a great afternoon snack. They're ideal for sharing with anyone, especially those who might not want a huge cookie. 

As time went by, we realized that we LOVED releasing seasonal items. In the same way that everyone looks forward to the demarcation of Fall with the almighty "PSL (pumpkin spice latte)" from Starbucks, we also wanted to spark joy in every season. Something to look forward to even in the dead of winter (yes, even a California winter gets cold sometimes).

While we haven't been around for even a full year, we are here to stay. We only started making seasonal flavors in Fall 2020, so come Fall 2021, we'll have gone a full year with flavors for every season! 
Here are the flavors you can look forward to in the Fall: 
  1. pumpkin spice with cheesecake filling
  2. pecan pudge
  3. coal pudge (a fudgy brownie cookie)
  4. and most likely at least 1 new addition
In the Winter, between January and the end of February, red velvet with cream cheese filling will return. 

This year, we still have to create and test new flavors for Spring and Summer. It's uncharted territory for us and we've already got a lot of requests for fruity flavors like berries, mango, peach, etc. We can't wait to release the summer flavors! Follow us on Instagram @batch22bakery for announcements.