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update: retiring hojicha shortbread

This week, we officially retired hojicha shortbread. With that change, we're also temporarily discontinuing the shortbread quad. 

The shortbread collection consisted of matcha, hojicha, milk tea, and black sesame. When we made matcha and hojicha, they were meant to be truly tea-forward shortbreads (not rich and buttery like traditional shortbread). As we developed the milk tea flavor, we hoped to tweak the hojicha recipe to make it less of a tea cookie, and more like... a tea-latte shortbread - creamier. 

But as we kept tweaking, it took a lot of ingredients (condensed milk, powdered sugar, etc.) and certainly a lot of hojicha powder - with severely minimal changes. It's sad that we couldn't transform it, but we're okay retiring it and working on something new :) 

Based on some feedback from a recent customer survey, we found that many of you wanted to see a more traditional style shortbread. So with that, we've been working on a new flavor. We hope it'll be ready for Fall!