2021 pudge roundup & awards!! – Batch 22 Bakery

2021 pudge roundup & awards!!

2021 pudge awards

We had a lovely week off, and are taking this week to do taxes, 2022 planning, and tons of flavor testing. This is what our menu looked like this year: 

2021 menu

I had a chance to look over all the data and got a roundup of all the flavors, ranked in order of highest to lowest average sales. 

  1. coal 
  2. pumpkin spice
  3. red velvet
  4. oatmeal white choco cran
  5. pecan
  6. chocolate chip
  7. pink lemonade
  8. cookies n cream
  9. strawberries 'n cream
  10. campfire
  11. chocolate peanut butter (discontinued)
  12. matcha 
  13. filled matcha with white chocolate ganache (discontinued)
  14. oatmeal raisin walnut

Major surprises

- We get A LOT of feedback applauding the "less sweet"-ness of our flavors. On one hand, we have customers who ask us if matcha pudge (one of our least sweet) can be made even less sweet. And on the other hand, coal pudge (one of our sweetest flavors) is the #1 seller.

- Coal pudge is our top seller 2 years in a row!! And on top of that, red velvet came in at 3rd - I didn't expect to see such love for chocolate flavors. P.s. if you're new to us - sure we have chocolate chip on our menu year-round, but come for chocolate chip and stay for the seasonals.

- Oatmeal white choco cran was new to our fall lineup, and it did so well!! I'll note that if you liked this one, you'll probably like oatmeal raisin walnut - it's the same cookie base, and so so good. These are the only 2 cookies that truly share a cookie base - all other cookies are very unique.

- The love for pink lemonade and strawberries 'n cream is mindblowing. Fruity cookies??? Well if you guys can dream it, I can probably make it. More fruity stuff coming your way this year. 

- We have a couple flavors that have a cult following - pecan pudge and strawberries 'n cream!! They may not top the charts, but their fans are a force to be reckoned with! 

Onwards & upwards!