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batch 22 bakery comic  
comic by Emily Cheng

Batch 22 Bakery is a specialty cookie shop co-founded by Amy Wong & Lawrance Combs in May 2020 💛. 

Years ago, Amy tried a 6 ounce cookie from the famous Levain Bakery in New York and it changed her life. She returned to the bay area and has been single-mindedly developing cookie recipes since. To this day, the obsession for cookies drives her. It’s all about perfecting and evolving them, one flavor at a time — and nothing is ever perfect.

When Lawrance tried the Pudges (named by Amy’s brother), he believed in Amy and the cookies so much, he partnered with her and did all the footwork to do the licensing to bring this business to life(!!).

This couple makes the perfect pair: Amy runs operations full time and Lawrance is the business half. They use a common phrase, “there would be no cookies without Amy, and no business without Lawrance”.

This cookie biz is founded on love - a simple undying love for cookies and for sharing them. For us, that means big, beautiful 6 ounce cookies that look as good as they taste. As we grow, we've leaned into making innovative flavors - the cookie creation process brings so much joy!

We hope you love what we've created.