2023 flavor leaderboard – Batch 22 Bakery

2023 flavor leaderboard

Here's the ranking based on average sales -- 

*note that our sales data included retail partners, who don't have access to our filled cookies, e.g. pumpkin spice, which skews the data slightly.

2023 flavor rankings 

New flavors: 

  • choco pb
  • independence pudge & poinsettia pudge (different colors of red velvet)
  • chocolate peppermint 
  • coffee toffee (finalized version is 2.0)
  • dulcey chocolate chip (1.5 oz) 

Retired flavors:

  • key lime (temporary retirement due to lack of love; it will be back!) 


  • coffee was the most highly requested flavor, and you guys showed up for it!! it was really fun releasing 2 versions (one was Amy's favorite, and one was Lawrance's favorite) and getting a vote. 
  • I remain happily surprised to see cornflake pudge in the top 5. As a modern sweet-salty cookie, I know it's not for everyone, but it's so nice to know that we have a lot of modern cookie eaters out there!
  • Mint chip performs pretty poorly, and is a ridiculously sticky dough to work with. Customers don't seem too attached to it, so we're testing a different version that uses a blank cookie dough with mint chips, rather than a mint cookie dough with chocolate chips.

Most Difficult Flavors to Make!

As we keep scaling our operations, these are the hardest cookies to make! Sharing this so you know what might be on the menu for more of a limited time. 

  • Ube dulcey: ube is inherently a very subtle flavor, which is why a high amount of extract is needed to achieve a good flavor. As a result, it's the hardest flavor to make, the only one we mix exclusively on a slower speed, and gives us variance in spread. Sometimes you might notice they're wider, and that's because of the amount of liquid, and air.
  • Cornflake: we offer this flavor 3-4x a year but only one month at a time because we prepare at least 3 of the ingredients in-house. The cornflake crunch alone is mixed before being baked, cooled, and added to the mix - and that's just one element.
  • Campfire: campfire pudge includes an ingredient that needs to be cooked, baked, and cooled before adding to the dough. This might be our last year for it. 

Failed pudges, in no particular order:

  • black sesame w/ pb center 
  • peanut butter w/ black sesame filling 
  • vietnamese coffee (the crux was that I couldn't get a strong condensed milk flavor, but we pivoted to coffee toffee)
  • berry truffle (wanted to try different fruit flavors as well as ruby chocolate -- we'll definitely try both in the future)

Looking forward to 2024: 

  • We spent a lot of time training staff, optimizing our process, doing pop-up events (and not to mention, all the storefront stuff we're doing in the background). I'm looking forward to testing more flavors this year.
  • Some flavors I'm excited about: earl grey milk chocolate, white sesame, and dark chocolate cherry, 

Thank you as always for reading and supporting us! We really love tinkering with the pudges and can't wait to crush this year!