investor day recap – Batch 22 Bakery

investor day recap

We wrapped up our investor meeting yesterday afternoon and we are just speechless. It’s our first time doing any of this, and we are just floored and thankful for the response and attendance. Thank you for taking the time to review our investor materials, and for attending investor day in-person or virtually! Your support means a lot to us both.

Here are a couple shots from the event. Thank you to friends, family, and staff for helping with the setup.

So what happens now for potential investors?

  • Our business plan, financials, pitch deck with recording, and other materials can be found here. Please email us at orders@batch22bakery with any questions.
  • All of our investment options are listed in our pitch deck (linked above). The minimum contribution is $1k and we give incentives to each tier of investment or donation.
  • Edited June 28th, 2022: we've closed this round of funding and reached our goal! Thank you so much to all of our investors and everyone who attended investor day. It means a lot, and we're excited to get the store up and running this year.

If you would like to help in other ways, ordering from us and sharing cookies will always go a very long way for us :)

What happens in the interim, between accepting investments and the storefront opening?

    • We will keep operating as a home bakery for as long as possible while working on opening the storefront. We will minimize closure as much as we can.
    • We have a lot to do though - we need to source a space in our budget, purchase equipment, possibly do a partial buildout with an architect and contractor, get the space up to code, get updated permits/licensing, hire and train staff, pass food inspection, etc. (That said, if you have experience or advice in any of these areas, do not be shy to let us know - we always appreciate more information from those who've been in the industry)

We’re thankful to be at this step, and excited to work. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

- Amy and Lawrance