say hello to our new logo!! – Batch 22 Bakery

say hello to our new logo!!

Yes - it's a potato :) 

This weekend we began rolling out some of our new branding. You’ll notice our new logo gracing our website, Instagram, etc. Over the coming week, you’ll find it on our packaging and event setup. As essentially a startup, each year is filled with growth, but this one is particularly crucial to our brand identity as we’re preparing for our first storefront.

As a digital-first bakery (i.e. started with online orders), online interactions are more important than for brick-and-mortar stores. We wanted a simpler, more professional logo - but still with the potato chef. Lawrance gave a simple prompt to our designer Emily, “potato chef with cookie banner”, and she achieved our dream logo in literally 3 draft sketches.

Our winning design features a potato chef that makes cookies, but also one who lives in a cookie world. (Sidebar: the potato comes from my brother who claimed I was from potato island as a kid; hence I was “Potamy”. He is also the mastermind behind “Pudge” and “Smudge”.)

The logo is just the first part of broader branding changes that include typography, new icons, expanded color palette, etc. Many of these changes will have to wait for the website update we have ready for the storefront opening, which comes with a different ordering system. 

As always, thank you for following along :)