celebrating our 2nd birthday – Batch 22 Bakery

celebrating our 2nd birthday

When you operate a weekly business, 52 weeks goes by pretty quickly. We're at a busy stage in our business, having just come off the rush of our first-ever Investor Day, and prepping for our first storefront. But it would be a miss not to pause and reflect on another year of milestones before carrying on.

(FYI here's last year's birthday recap.)

  • Cultivating a genuine community - we wouldn't be growing so quickly without you, and the best part is, it's so easy to make friends with our customers :) 
  • Partnering with Pastel, who's been a great growth partner on top of helping us reach customers all over the bay area
  • Sharing our origin story and revealing the makers behind the brand. This was such a big step for us! We really intended to hold off on this to let the cookies speak for themselves, but once we shared our story, we were glad to be met with a warm welcome ;)
  • The With Warm Welcome Bakers Box (Nov 2020). 
  • Our first press feature from Eater SF.
  • Baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and oh so many events! It's been an absolute honor to be part of such joyous occasions <3
  • Consistency, consistency, consistency. In the 2nd year, I nailed down all of our sources of error, from ingredient prep to baking and backend automations, which paves the way to train staff and scale further.
  • Equipment! We got our first commercial oven and 2 20 qt mixers, which has been a lifechanger for operations. We went from a 5 and 8 qt mixer for a year and a half, even during the fall seasons.
  • Flavor development - we came off of 9 new flavors and 2 recipe updates in 2021, then added 4 new flavors (ferrero, mint chip, key lime & cornflake) and 4 updates this year (matcha, strawberry, cookies 'n cream, & campfire coming soon)!!! I am so thrilled to learn from past recipes; and we haven't even started adding to our repertoire of filled cookies. 

It's been such a great year of growth and makes me so proud of this baby bakery. We can't quite reveal how our investment round went yet, but it's looking promising and we look forward to working hard until our first storefront is up and running, 7 days a week. 

Thanks for being here!

Amy & Lawrance