our episode on the forrager podcast – Batch 22 Bakery

our episode on the forrager podcast

We were recently featured on The Forrager Podcast - a resource for cottage food entrepreneurs. The podcast features longform stories from fellow cottage food folks about how they grew their businesses from the ground up. Major thanks to David for his efforts in running this community for folks in this industry. I've been binge-listening to many of the other podcast episodes. 

Listen to our episode here!

We discussed...

- How we started Batch 22

- Some of our unconventional marketing strategies (like not introducing ourselves for a year and a half)

- Pricing strategy and justification

- Our experience with Instagram giveaways

- Growing our consistency to a <1% error rate

- Building a niche around the pudges

- Our options for funding and how we ended up hosting Investor Day (recap here)

- Our approach to pursuing our first storefront